Building Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality

To maximize opportunities for economic prosperity.



Community Services   Connect and provide seniors and caregivers to resources that promote wellbeing 
DPW Construction Management  Manage the permit and review process
DPW Environmental Services Cost-Effective Recycling Program
DPW Highways Maintain Efficiency & Safety of County Roadways 
DPW Highways Provide Safe & Well-Maintained Bridges 
DPW Office of Director Quality & Customer Service 
DPW Water & Sewer Provide Responsive & Economical Service to Customers 
HR   Advancement - Attract and retain a talented and dedicated workforce
Law   Provide effective advocacy in administrative, judicial and legislative forums
Law   Minimize the county's exposure for financial loss
OED Harford Transit Transportation
OED   Business stability and growth
OED   Business development and attraction
OED   Strategic alliances
P&R   Acquire additional recreation land through Program Open Space funding to help meet the needs of current and future residents
P&Z   Expand community planning and outreach efforts
P&Z   Expand online mapping and data analysis tools
P&Z   Provide quality customer service
Procurement Operations Help build local economic vitality