Fiscal Balance & Efficiency

Fiscal Balance

To limit debt to fiscally responsible and sustainable levels, and use revenues wisely by operating efficiently.




Administration Budget & Research Management To utilize best practices to develop a budget that meets the needs of Harford County citizens, leaders and gov't agencies
Administration Efficiency & Innovation To create a culture of resource efficiency at all levels of government 
Administration Facilities & Operations Enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency of County facilities and infrastructure
Administration Facilities & Operations
Maximize revenue of County surplus property and responsibility track County inventory
Administration Facilities & Operations
- Central Services
Develop cost saving strategies for mailing services
Administration Facilities & Operations
- Property  Mgmt.
To balance the goals and budget of County Government when acquiring and managing real property while being equitable to Harford County citizens
Community Services   Connect and provide seniors and caregivers to resources that promote wellbeing 
DES Emergency Communications Center Develop needs and implementation plan for Next Generation 911
DES Emergency Communications Center Answer and maintain answering calls timely (Achieve and maintain answering 90% of all 9-1-1 calls within 10 seconds and answer 95% of 9-1-1 calls within 20 seconds)
DES Emergency Communications Center Pursue a Radio Quality Assurance Program
DES Emergency Communications Center Promote organizational changes in accordance with DES career ladder guidelines and control expenses in 911 center
DES Rescue Support Provide coordinated and specialized high risk rescues in support of the local volunteer and EMS services
DES Volunteer Fire and EMS & EMS Foundation Introduce legislation that future retirement and assisted living communities will have onsite EMS services whereby reducing EMS response workload by 15%
DES   Provide administrative support, technical support and training to Harford County Government and public safety partners.
DILP   Support the employee performance matrix
DILP   Implement an employee performance matrix
DPW Construction Management  Manage project construction & inspections
DPW Construction Management  Coordinate all activities of the project team
DPW  Construction Management  Direct & Manage Project Design 
DPW Environmental Services Maintenance & Monitoring of County Landfills 
DPW Environmental Services Cost-Effective Recycling Program
DPW Environmental Services Provide Adequate Solid Waste Disposal Capacity 
DPW Environmental Services Management & Oversee M.E.S. Contract 
DPW Highways Maintain Efficiency & Safety of County Roadways 
DPW Office of Director Quality & Customer Service 
DPW Office of Director Invest in Employees & Organization 
DPW Water & Sewer Provide Responsive & Economical Service to Customers 
DPW Water & Sewer Provide Clean, Affordable Water to Customers 
Housing & Community Development   Improve office efficiency and integrate service coordination by investing in technology through the purchase of enhanced computer software
Law   Provide sound legal and practical advice and counsel to client agencies
Law   Provide effective advocacy in administrative, judicial and legislative forums
Law   Provide efficient, expedient document review and processing for clients
Law   Remain involved proactively as a management resource
Law   Support legislative initiatives to advance the county's goals and objectives
Law   Minimize the county's exposure for financial loss
OICT   Improve OICT operations
OICT   Improve OICT cost effectiveness
OICT   Mitigate OICT risk
OICT   Provide equal access
P&R   Improve efficiencies within the department while insuring that services are not reduced
P&R   Develop and maintain efficient levels of fiscal oversight
P&R   Increase revenue through reservations, programming and memberships
P&Z   Expand community planning and outreach efforts
P&Z   Expand online mapping and data analysis tools
P&Z   Provide quality customer service
Procurement Fleet Management Maximize the value of inventory
Procurement Fleet Management Document and track fleet cost savings on capital projects relative to acquisition of vehicles and equipment
Procurement Fleet Management Reduce underutilized vehicles and equipment
Procurement Operations Continue to achieve cost savings for the County
Procurement Operations Improve contract management
Treasury   Provide technical accounting oversight and guidance to County agencies and customers
Treasury   Leverage grants to create opportunities for growth and enhancement of County goals